About The band:

The idea of the faux confession is that, in this day and age of social media, the subjective confession has become a vehicle to increase chatter about oneself, rather than an effort to make amends. One may say that, in such circumstances, when we imagine we are reaching out to kiss the other, we are in fact kissing ourselves with an other’s mouth.

The band Faux Confessions engages with core inspirations (Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, the Band, and more), while drawing on decades of original song writing, performing, and recording. Live shows range from a full presentation of original material, to a dialogue with key rock and roll influences.

Faux Confessions is always searching for that moment of awareness that reminds us of exactly where we are.


The band features:

John Jastremski - Guitar and vocals

Doug Hume - Keys, harp, vocals and anything with strings

Mike Lister - Guitar and vocals

Randy Innes - Sticks and skins

Lou Rankin - Bass and vocals